SunmaFiber Setup Worldwide FiberOptic eShop in U.S.A. 

From 2016, SunmaFiber provide a good efficient service and products to FIBERMART INC.(Fiber-MART.COM), we try best to meet world users request and support everything we can to help them with...

Fiber PLC Splitter & Patch Cord Training in SunmaFiber 2017

After long preparation, an European Client come to China to get a full and detailed PLC Splitter and Fiber Patch Cable manufacturing training in SunmaFiber.

Sunma provide the training for PLC...

At this special time, Sunma make this wish for you!
May the joy, peace & love of this season be yours!

From Sunma Team, By Julia

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After long preparation and work, Sunma compete with other famous suppliers such as Fujikura, Huawei, EXFO, Sumitomo etc, finally Sunma beat them and won the SLT tender F-010-2014, this is a great victory.

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